My backwards journey from Type 2 Diabetes

Meet one of the HabitNu participants who is technically reversed the course of his Type 2 diabetes.

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Mark. I recently retired from my job in the entertainment industry.

What motivated you to join HabitNu’s Diabetes Prevention Program?

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes three years ago. I attended a few classes at the hospital and was exercising, but I slowly started to slip with eating habits over time. The people I knew didn’t want to talk about Diabetes. I was excited to join HabitNu when I heard about it. Little did I know that there would be a wonderful group of people associated with this program!

Did you know when you were pre-diabetic?

No, I didn’t. Once my doctor said watch your blood sugar and that was it. If I had known what it meant I would have been more pro-active.

How did HabitNu help you?

It was a great experience, wonderful comradery and it was great to see everyone working towards the same goal. It put diabetes in front of my face. HabitNu program helped me make wiser choices that became part of my everyday life.

What are the outcomes?

My HbA1c went down to 5.3 in six months, to non-diabetic ranges. My cholesterol numbers are within normal ranges. Even my doctor was surprised.

What is your advice to those who are prediabetic?

It is hard to keep up with weight loss. Don’t wait for your symptoms to appear. Take control of your health now. HabitNu is a great program towards that goal.



HabitNu DPP helps prevent Type 2 diabetes

Meet one of our DPPChicago participants and learn how she transformed herself from pre-diabetic to non-diabetic. (This interview has been edited for brevity.)

Good afternoon. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Priscilla. I work for the government.

Please tell us how you learned about your pre-diabetic condition.

I heard about DPPChicago from the American Diabetes Association.  I thought it would help me live a healthier life and lose some weight. However, I was shocked to see my test results at the first DPP session that I was pre-diabetic. I had no clue because my blood sugar levels were normal when I went for my physicals.

I didn’t want to become a full-blown diabetic. I was already exercising before I joined the program. But HabitNu provided me with all the information and support for eating well. I am more aware of what I eat. The peer support I got from the group helped me stay on track.

Have you seen any results?

Yes. After five months into the program, my HbA1c dropped from 5.9 to 5.5, which means that I am not pre-diabetic anymore. Even my doctor was surprised and told me to continue whatever I was doing. I am determined to keep it that way.

Do you have any advice for others in your situation?

Count carbs in your food. They come from so many sources and are hidden everywhere. Don’t be discouraged, you can change your habits. Join a DPP.

Congratulations, Priscilla!




HabitNu Helps Manage Diabetes

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Sonia. I am 50 years old. I work for a mail carrier.

What was your life like when you were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes?

I had gestational diabetes. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2010. I was in denial and ignored it for 6 years. You know, diabetes doesn’t hurt, and it’s easy to push it aside at early stages. Then I started getting frequent infections, and it occurred to me last year that I have to change myself to live longer. I decided to take care of myself.

What are your circumstances now?

I am fortunate to have insurance. I see my nurse practitioner once in two months. I have access to a dietitian. I watch what I eat and walk every day.

Did HabitNu help you?

I heard about HabitNu in the CBS news during the American Diabetes Association Expo week, 2016. I knew that I need to watch my carbs, but I didn’t know that I should be watching fats in my food as well. HabitNu helped me learn. The videos were short, fun to watch and very engaging. The daily text messages were a reminder to stay on track. My dietitian is not with me every day, but HabitNu is.

 Have you seen any results after changing your habits?

After 12 weeks on the HabitNu program I saw my blood sugar at 115, which I NEVER saw in years. It used to be around 200. When I saw that, I texted HabitNu right away, because I couldn’t think of anyone better to share it with. I don’t feel lonely anymore and I love being in a support network. I walk 10,000 steps everyday. My blood sugar levels improve when I walk.  I am going to walk diabetes out of my life!

Congratulations, Sonia!