Type 2 Diabetes

  • Your pancreas produces a hormone called insulin. Insulin works to store the excess sugar in liver and muscle.
  • When you have type 2 diabetes, insulin cannot properly store sugar because your muscle and liver become insensitive to insulin. As a result, you have too much sugar in your bloodstream.
  • Having too much sugar in the blood is dangerous, leading to problems with kidneys, eyes, extremities and other organs.
  • In most cases, type 2 diabetes is linked to carrying too much weight, especially in the abdomen. Losing weight, and keeping it off is the way to manage diabetes. Losing a modest 5% of the body weight can produce dramatic improvements in your health.
  • Medication can help, but so can improving your habits in diet and exercise
  • Maintaining a healthy weight means making good choices about what you eat as well as how much you eat.

Why Habitnu? 

  • Keeping a food diary is important if you are diabetic. Maintaining a food diary increases your awareness of what, how much and why you are eating.
  • Keeping track of your physical activity will help you know if you are getting enough exercise, and will inspire you to exercise more.
  • HabitNu provides year-long support to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes.
  • HabitNu app is more than a record-keeping system for calories and carbohydrates. In a simple interactive framework, we help you understand how to manage day-to-day challenges from carb counting to stress management.
  • We send daily reminders and you become part of a vibrant community support network
  • Your health records will be stored in our privacy-compliant cloud platform, so that you can share it with your doctors if you choose.